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Primary Source Verification – The Medical Provider Credentialing Process

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Primary Source Verification – The Medical Provider Credentialing Process

Medical groups and other healthcare organizations are increasingly using outside firms to credential their medical staff and professionals, a process known as Primary Source Verification (PSV). Our goal here at AQC is to reduce the time and cost associated with verifying your professionals. Our training and experience guarantee the verification process of new hires is organized and complete. Avoiding any potential legal or reputational risks is our job.

Primary Source Verification

Outsourcing Primary Source Verification (PSV) can also help organizations manage the increasing complexity of the credentialing process, which always requires collecting and verifying data from multiple sources. There are many factors that go into credentialing a medical provider. In order to be credentialed by a health insurance company, a provider must first go through a rigorous screening process. This process typically includes a review of an individual’s medical education, residency and fellowship training, board certification, license, work history, criminal background check, and any professional disciplinary actions.

Hospitals, medical practices, and other healthcare organizations must follow a credentialing process for each new medical provider they wish to add to their staff. Credentialing a medical provider is an important process that ensures that patients are receiving care from qualified and reputable providers. By taking the time to understand the credentialing process, you can be sure that you are selecting a provider that you can trust.

Primary Source Verification

The credentialing process can be daunting, but our PSV Specialists have broken it down into a few major steps.

  1. Step One is devoted to gathering all the necessary paperwork and documentation.
  2. Step Two is when you’ll submit your Application for Medical Staff Privileges.
  3. We will gather our findings into a report or alert your team of any issues and or concerns.

For more information visit our page dedicated to Primary Source Verification or contact our onboarding team today at:

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