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Zuriel Ortiz Data Coordinator

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Zuriel Ortiz
Data Coordinator

Zuriel Ortiz Data Coordinator

I am Ashley Barrera, the Lead Processor- Coordinator for Advanced Quality Compliance & CVO. I was born and raised here in Austin, TX, and have been with AQC since January 2018.

My responsibilities at AQC are to work with the providers and the providers’ representatives to collect the documents and items needed to produce a completed credentialing file. As the Lead Processor, I monitor files going through the system and work with the other processors to ensure files are moving. In this position, I also assist the data team in communicating and collecting all providers in our system.

At AQC we go above and beyond to make sure our clients are happy but satisfied with our work. It is great to know that our quality and dedication never go unnoticed by ensuring our consistent and effective verification process is followed.

Zuriel Ortiz has been with AQC going on four (4) years. The data teams, enters all applications, audits, and reviews, and uploads all documents sent to our provider email. Runs reports ensuring accuracy. Onboards all new client information to ensure a smooth data onboarding

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